Meet Nicole Mason

Corporate Diversity Diplomat™ and Teamwork Facilitator™


Nicole Mason is the Founder/CEO of Omnivantage Business Professionals, a Diversity and Change Management Consulting and Corporate Training firm. After working inside technology and telecommunications companies in a variety of legal and business roles for over 17 years, Nicole now focuses her extensive energy and talents on helping business teams produce seemingly impossible results. Nicole has a long track record of cultivating and delivering excellence to help achieve mission critical objectives. She has experience managing, advising and leading teams in companies of all sizes and stages of development, to reach their targets. Nicole contributed to many interdisciplinary teams to deliver unprecedented sales, launch products and services in aggressive timeframes, and help companies more than double in size and revenues. While at Sun Microsystems, Nicole helped create and launch innovative, cost saving and productivity boosting internal training programs. In every company where she was employed, Nicole proved the viability of remote work models that provided professional development opportunities for employees at reduced cost, and resulted in business growth for the company. At multinational companies, Nicole successfully assisted and led geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams. Her experience developing processes to improve efficiency and teamwork is extensive. She is a skilled communicator who is able to not only understand and relate to people regardless of their profession, function or background, but also teach others to communicate and work effectively with anyone in business.

  • If you want more committed, loyal employees who take ownership of projects, are highly productive and focused on quality, service and achieving targets, Nicole can help you, and your staff, build leadership and teamwork.
  • If you are facing challenges implementing changes due to growth or driven by a need for more innovation, Nicole provides communication and change management solutions that deliver lasting improvements in corporate culture and operations.
  • If you want a more diverse organization, Nicole developed systems and trainings that attract, incorporate and leverage diversity, which can be tailored to work for your organization. Nicole has a passion for diversity and a uniquely keen understanding of its challenges and benefits. She can make diversity a reality at all levels of your company or organization.

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  • Diversity in Business: Communicating Effectively with Anyone (CLE and HR credits available)
  • Get Employee Engagement™
    : Strategies that Foster Great Productivity and Morale
  • Implementing Change: Navigating Hurdles to Get Buy-In and Support
  • Intergenerational Communications: Bridging the Gap for Multigenerational Teams
  • Managing Generations of Employees: Inspire Everyone’s Best
  • Multidisciplinary Teams: Boost Cross-Functional Communication to Leverage Diverse Knowledge & Experience
  • Art of Negotiation: Collaboration and Business Conversation Mastery
  • Communications that Click™: Setting Expectations for Success with Customers and Employees
  • Conflict Resolution: Respectfully Speaking Out and Listening Up
  • Workplace Bullying: Managing the Adult Schoolyard
  • Employee Selection: Aligning Individuals with Your Corporate Culture

Nicole Mason is a CA licensed attorney, best selling author and entrepreneur. She is committed to improving business relationships and delivering measurable and positive, tangible results for her clients. The fact is that people are either the problem or the solution to your company’s challenges and goals. Nicole helps your organization stay competitive, by developing managers and employees at all levels into the solution. Nicole is known for her creative, insightful and consistent ability to solve companies’ toughest, most elusive problems. Contact her today to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.