Values and Mission


Foster better communication and teamwork among diverse working professionals in companies and organizations of all sizes, to promote high performance, innovation and enduring growth and profitability.


A healthy business ecosystem of corporations and small businesses providing products, services and solutions to vast communities across the globe while offering career development, other business opportunities and work-personal life harmony to a diverse mix of women and men.


Our company values are a reflection of the principles that the Founder, Nicole Mason, applies to her work providing services and value to you as a client.

Integrity: This incorporates honesty, accountability and workability. We incorporate this into all of our communications with you, as well as the tools, trainings and other services we provide.

Measurable Results: Being results-driven, we facilitate implementation to ensure you receive quantifiable value. Everything we do is aimed at delivering the results you want to achieve. We believe a company’s reputation is based on the results it produces, not only for its customers, but for its employees and the community it impacts. Our services deliver tangible or measurable results.

Diversity: We practice what we teach. Our founder deeply understands the benefits and challenges of working with diverse people, and has extensive experience in this arena. Her fresh and broad perspective on diversity together with her unique, practical approach, set our diversity trainings and consulting apart and provide clients a competitive edge.

Creativity: We draw on this core value to provide solutions to your toughest business challenges and help you implement them. Embracing change, innovation and flexibility, we apply transferrable knowledge, a broad perspective and balanced judgment to focus on the right details to enhance your company’s performance.

Respect: Communication that emphasizes listening and understanding is central to everything we do. We seek, acknowledge and incorporate your feedback while providing thoughtful guidance and trainings. Our ENHANCE performance™ model for operations and employee engagement is founded on this principle.

Diligence: Efficient, thorough and conscientious is our way of providing service and information you can rely on. We know time is not only money, but opportunity, and we treat your time with the utmost care to give you the value your time is worth.

Gratitude: We honor and appreciate your trust, and continuously work to earn and keep it. Thank you.