Books and Publications

Nicole Mason is a licensed attorney, best selling author and entrepreneur. She is the author of the forthcoming book Get Employee Engagement: Future Proof Company Strategies, providing a sound, fresh approach to management and building compelling corporate culture. Inside you will learn what works to motivate today’s employees to give their all to achieve company objectives and contribute high value. Get Employee Engagement includes the latest information about employee attitudes and expectations, useful management tools and a proven system to help organizations attract top talent and consistently inspire high performance from employees. For over 17 years, Nicole held a variety of roles and led teams inside start-ups and multinationals, including Sun Microsystems/Oracle, before founding Omnivantage Business Professionals.

Omnivantage Business Professionals bridges the gap between great, new ideas and applying those approaches and tools to organizational practices. Implementation and resistance are common challenges, but change is essential to driving more revenue, productivity and innovation. Nicole provides strategic guidance, managerial coaching, employee trainings and a proven systematic approach to improving communication and efficiency that boosts organizational performance. Nicole is known for her insightful, practical and consistent ability to solve the toughest, most elusive operational challenges faced by executives, managers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

For thought leadership and current perspectives on managing employee performance and conflicts, as well as building and maintaining a high performance culture uniquely suited for your company or team, visit our ENHANCE performance™ Blog and Thought Leadership Quarterly publications.