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Do you want to retain and continue to attract top talent? Are your diversity initiatives failing to improve employee diversity? This book details the ENHANCE performance™ model, which pulls together extensive research, time-tested solutions and modern management methods to provide an innovative, flexible approach that promotes employee engagement and great corporate culture. Is your organization growing quickly but struggling to scale its operations or maintain its unique culture? Are you always looking for better ways to motivate employees and improve performance? This book provides strategies, specific tactics, and easy-to-implement approaches proven to help solve these frequently perplexing challenges.

Is your organization grappling with the best way to manage Millennials or address differences in expectations and working styles? Is communication a common subject of complaint amongst employees at your company? Inside this book, you will learn how to bridge generation gaps by understanding what drives today’s employees to give you their full energy and diligent effort, as well as loyalty. You will also get tips and techniques to streamline and improve communications to foster teamwork and increased productivity.

Do you wonder how to measure the results of your employee engagement efforts? Are you and your executive team always striving to innovate and stay relevant in a dynamic industry? Get Employee Engagement describes how you can figure out what is working, and quantify the benefits of your employee development programs. Get this book to discover the biggest threat to your company’s ability to attract and retain quality employees to support your efforts.

In this book you will learn how to…


  • Attract, retain and develop high performance teams of diverse employees
  • Motivate your employees to take initiative, contribute maximum effort and deliver high value
  • Increase your organization’s productivity and profitability
  • Identify and resolve the hidden obstacles and sources of conflict preventing your team from consistently achieving goals
  • Build and maintain an organizational culture that fosters innovation and winning teamwork
  • Use the ENHANCE performance™ process to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace
  • Equip your company with the tools and strategies that measurably boost employee engagement
  • Leverage decades of expertise and best practices of established, consistently successful companies to help your company thrive in any economy.