On-Demand Materials and Courses

Corporate Diversity Gap Analysis Tool

Is your organization committed to diversity? Does your company want to improve its diversity? This tool serves as a mini-gap analysis, and provides a diversity gap score with recommendations based on your score. Use this to uncover elements that may be missing from your diversity strategies, or undermining the implementation and success of your diversity initiatives.

ENHANCE performance™ Workplace Communications Tool

Are you looking for ways to improve employee productivity and performance? Studies consistently indicate that managers have the greatest impact on employee productivity, and that adjustments to their communications with employees dramatically improves performance, engagement and productivity. This easy reference tool guides managers through a simple and powerfully effective process to communicate more clearly and motivate employees.

ENHANCE performance™ Communicating Across Differences Playbook

Are conflicts between coworkers, and employees and managers, a common issue in your organization? Looking for new ways to improve communications, or prevent and resolve conflicts? This playbook provides global communication guidelies in an easy to reference format. It can be used as rules of engagement for meetings, performance evaluations and reviews, as well as trainings and general workplace communications. It is designed especially for companies with diverse employees.

ENHANCE Diversity™ Implicit Bias Assessment Tool

Are you interested in discovering your hidden biases, which may be hurting your professional relationships or holding you back in your career? This self-assessment provides valuable insights into your subconscious beliefs that come out in the way you communicate and interact with others.

ENHANCE performance™ Employee Engagement Tool

Do you want employees who take initiative and go the extra mile at work? Do you wish your employees would do more than the bare minimum required by their role? This unique self-assessment for employees is an innovative, easy, fun way to understand what matters to individual employees, so you can successfully motivate them. You will be able to relate better in order to align your needs with their intrinsic drives and interests. This provides a professionally personal way to have meaningful and productive conversations with your employees about anything that needs to be discussed, at any point. Once completed, the assessment is a great reference point for developing effective incentives and creating suitable career development and promotional opportunities. Several companies have also successfully used it to facilitate performance evaluation and goal setting conversations.


We also provide ENHANCE performance™ consulting and corporate trainings, based on a process proven to solve employee engagement, retention and diversity challenges that hinder your organization’s potential to grow and ability to consistently hit targets. The book Get Employee Engagement: Future Proof Company Strategies provides information about the process and why it works. As you know, 76% of employees are disengaged, not fully productive, and most organizations are unable to turn this around. Many engagement initiatives miss the mark and fail to motivate employees to put forth the extra effort to add value and help your company stay competitive today. We understand the problem and have the solution. Engaging your employees’ full potential will give you a competitive edge.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Successful corporate culture implementation
  • Higher employee productivity
  • More innovation
  • Improved morale and teamwork
  • Enhanced corporate reputation
  • Greater retention/less employee turnover
  • Cost Savings due to fewer absences/sick-days, and fewer disability, workers comp and employment dispute claims
  • Better employee performance
  • Working with an expert who has a proven track record from 19 years of experience building and diversifying teams, developing processes, policies and practices to implement strategies, and successfully strengthening corporate cultures and teams for start-ups, Fortune 500s, and mid-sized companies.

Performance Consulting

Our employee performance consulting promotes lasting improvements in productivity, loyalty and contribution. Get Employee Engagement: Future Proof Company Strategies details the factors that inspire dedication and proven ways to motivate employees to take ownership and give extra effort.

We developed the ENHANCE employee performanceä model as a flexible, systemized approach to build and sustain enduring corporate cultures and high performance teams. Get Employee Engagement includes specific recommendations, tools and strategies to boost employee and company performance. The ENHANCE methodology is summarized as:

Eliminate biases and barriers to productivity.


Notice strengths and weaknesses.


Harness employee input, skills and experience to create value.


Align individuals based on common ground.


Navigating individual interests, change and conflict.




Entrepreneurial execution.
We also offer trainings to support the development of your employees. We provide uniquely actionable corporate trainings and workshops on the topics of Diversity, Change Management, Communication and Employee Engagement for employees, managers and executives, as well as continuing education courses for Legal and HR. All of our seminars are developed by a former General Counsel and address real issues you face on a daily basis. For more information look at our Services.


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