Change Management

Most change initiatives and post-acquisition integrations fail because they are not properly managed and incorporated in a manner consistent with team cultures and existing practices. We provide experienced guidance to help you avoid pitfalls and overcome hurdles to realize the full value of your strategic shifts.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Successful strategy implementation and execution
  • Smooth post-acquisition team integrations
  • Higher employee productivity
  • More innovation
  • Improved morale and teamwork
  • Enhanced corporate reputation
  • Greater retention/less employee turnover
  • Cost Savings due to fewer absences/sick-days, and fewer disability, workers comp and employment dispute claims
  • Better employee performance
  • Working with an expert who has a proven track record of 19 years of experience successfully building and improving processes, developing and executing new strategies, and managing post-acquisition integrations for start-ups, Fortune 500s, and mid-sized companies.

In addition to consulting services, we offer trainings to develop your employees’ change management skills. Below is a brief description of our change management seminars, as well as our ENHANCE performance™ model and consulting. All of our trainings are done on-site or through video conferencing. Contact us to schedule a training, or get more information.

Successfully Managing Change: 5 Steps That Make It Work To Provide Value
(Certified for 2 HR Continuing Education credits)

This 2-hour seminar is designed for executives, managers, HR and teams that manage acquisition integration. Attendees will walk away with information they can use to drive and facilitate change initiatives all the way through completion, implementation and established practice. This training develops the skills of:

  • identifying subtle, and not-so-subtle, resistance to change
  • addressing resistance
  • communicating the “why” in a meaningful and persuasive way
  • proactively identifying and resolving organizational obstacles to change
  • evaluating change adoption
  • identifying possible coercive actions and improvements
  • addressing cultural differences in post-acquisition integration
  • conflict resolution

This is offered on-site at your selected location in CA. We set the time and date based on your schedule, for your convenience.

Adapting to Change: Staying Productive and Focused Amidst Chaos

This 90-minute seminar is designed for employees at all levels. Attendees will develop skills that apply to all aspects of their work and improve performance. The following topics are covered:

  • active career management
  • navigating change
  • adding value to exercise influence
  • techniques to avoid getting caught up in gossip and rumors
  • communicating to understand expectations
  • prioritizing and juggling changing responsibilities

This is offered on-site at your selected location in CA. We set the time and date based on your schedule, for your convenience.

Change Management Consulting

Our consulting helps your organization embrace and incorporate operational, strategic and other corporate changes in a manner that reduces distractions, maintains focus and sets your organization up to achieve its objectives.

All too often companies fail to make necessary pivots because new strategies are not executed upon due to misunderstandings or disagreements, or new process improvement tools are not utilized. Or inertia wins over the efforts required to generate and implement new ideas. Change is hard for people and organizations.

We can help- we’ll successfully guide you through a proven process to plan, evaluate, implement, and validate new strategies and processes, as well as measure results.

We developed the ENHANCE performance™ model as a flexible, systemized approach to integrating teams post-acquisition and facilitating organizational and procedural changes, to adapt corporate cultures and organizations so they endure and consistently drive high performance. The book Get Employee Engagement: Future Proof Company Strategies describes all necessary elements of a successful change process, and provides a model you can follow to establish course corrections for your organization. Read Get Employee Engagement for specific change management practices, tools and strategies that work and guidance on how you can apply them. The ENHANCE methodology is summarized as:

Eliminate biases and barriers to productivity.


Notice strengths and weaknesses.


Harness employee input, skills and experience to create value.


Align individuals based on common ground.


Navigating individual interests, change and conflict.




Entrepreneurial execution.

Contact us to schedule a training, or get more information.