Strategic Meeting Facilitation

Tired of meetings for the sake of having meetings?
Do you wish meetings would produce results?
Have you considered eliminating meetings because they seem like a waste of time?

Most meetings are a waste of time, BUT they can be efficient, pricelessly valuable tools simply by applying a proven process or using an experienced facilitator.

We developed the acclaimed ENHANCE productivity™ meeting facilitation process, which we use to facilitate purposeful, productive meetings that generate progress and foster strong teamwork for our clients [developer note: this instance of the word clients should be an orange text link to the client stories page]. We also train managers and meeting organizers in this proven process. Contact us to schedule a meeting facilitation, ENHANCE productivity™ training, or for more information.

Benefits of ENHANCE productivity™ facilitated meetings include:

  • Maximized time management and focus
  • Accountability and follow through
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Process improvements
  • Balanced, optimally distributed workloads
  • Higher employee performance
  • Improved morale and teamwork
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Working with an expert who has a proven track record of 19 years of experience successfully building and improving processes, developing and executing strategies, and managing teams for start-ups, Fortune 500s, mid-sized companies and small businesses.

Facilitated Meetings are ideal for:

  • Newly formed teams following expansion, acquisitions or organizational changes
  • Driving consensus within teams or between functional groups
  • Developing collaboration between different companies or in post-acquisition integration efforts
  • Goal Setting, Brainstorming and Strategic Planning meetings
  • Executive off-site meetings
  • All-hands meetings

Contact us to schedule facilitation for your next big meeting. We will help you maximize returns on the time and money your organization invests in meetings, and get the full value out of bringing everyone together. We facilitate action that gets results.

Meetings, done properly, also raise employee engagement and performance levels.
We developed the ENHANCE performance™ employee engagement model- a flexible, systemized approach to build and sustain enduring corporate cultures and high performance teams. The book Get Employee Engagement: Future Proof Company Strategies provides a comprehensive overview of the factors that inspire dedication, and proven ways to motivate employees to take ownership and give extra effort.
Get Employee Engagement includes specific recommendations, tools and strategies to boost employee and company performance. The ENHANCE methodology is summarized as:

Eliminate biases and barriers to productivity.


Notice strengths and weaknesses.


Harness employee input, skills and experience to create value.


Align individuals based on common ground.


Navigating individual interests, change and conflict.




Entrepreneurial execution.

Contact us to schedule a training, or get more information.